Releases: December 14, 2021

The Rising

Author: Loryn Moore

A lot had happened since Arrick kidnapped me—my grandfather was dead, the Peacekeeper’s mantle he’d held for over 900 years abandoned, and it was all my fault

Without Gabryel to stop them, the Nefarals plotted against us, and my sister, Remi, was at the epicenter of their uprising. As the last creation deity left in the Twelve Realms, I needed to claim my seat as the new Peacekeeper and stop the coming war before it started.

But I was stranded in Moldize, trapped by the very security measures meant to protect us. To overcome them, I needed Remi’s help; after all, her position as the Bicaidian princess gave her power, and with it, the ability to send me home. 

It would be dangerous, but I knew I had to do whatever it took, and so did she. We would pay whatever price we had to so that I could keep the Twelve Realms from ripping themselves apart.

Only, we never could have imagined how steep that price would be.


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