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The youngest realm of the multiverse and the most powerful, Valeria is the only realm with a living creation deity and is the seat of the Peacekeeper of the Twelve Realms.

Valeria is home to a peaceful, technologically advanced human civilization. Valerian humans have mastered long-distance space travel and have spread across their vast universe. There are eleven populated solar systems, with one planet in each able to sustain human life. The Valerian gods work hard to keep these worlds habitable and to enrich the lives of their human wards.

While geographically diverse, the golden Peacekeeper’s palace is located on Vyngale, the original planet of the Valerian realm. It’s best known for its temperate climate where it never snows, vibrant aqua seas, and rich, golden sunshine.



Moldize is the only known universe to be banished from the Twelve Realms. Little is known about the history of Moldize, but it is the only realm that was not conquered by the Peacekeeper in the last great war. 

It is a place reputed to be filled with malevolent deities and villainous men. Wars, poverty and a vast number of crimes against humanity are alleged to be commonplace in the mortal realm and the Moldzean gods do nothing to stop it. Human existence on the only life-sustaining planet is rumored to be brutal and unforgiving.

As for their royals and their palace, their existence is shrouded in even more mystery than the reason for their banishment.



Best known for its prolific, edible plant life, Athonelle is home to an enviable combination of powerful Elemental and Mortal & Godly Affairs deities. As a result, the resources and quality of life in Athonelle are wonderful for its residents.

The human civilization in Athonelle maintains a middling technology with their primary focus on agriculture. They inhabit one planet, called Athon, and have a small population. The animals on Athonelle are prolific due to minimal hunting and a primarily vegetarian diet. 

The royal family of Athonelle lives on Athon in a massive ranch home surrounded by buffalo and other animals native to the wild plains of their world.


Bicaidia 2

Bicaidia is a middle-aged realm and home to a technologically advanced race of humans. There are five solar systems with ten inhabited planets in their universe. The Bicaidians are best known for the strength of their Science & Technology deities, who have been at the forefront of most technological advancements in the immortal realm.

Though the geography varies between their planets, the Bicaidian royal palace is located in Ballyndine, their most central planet. It is best known for the beauty of its deserts, which range from red hills of sands to red, rocked mountains and canyons. The mountains to the north are rugged and filled with snowy blizzards.

It is a place of enchanting beauty.



Among the oldest of the realms, Crescendia is home to a moderately advanced race of humans. While they believe in technology and science, they use it for the preservation of their only inhabited planet and for the betterment of everyday life.

Best known for its Elemental deities and a wide variety of untouched nature preserves, the Crescendian royals live in an excluded log cabin, hidden away in a thick forest that can only be reached by invitation.



Ipupolca is known for its near-endless winters and mountains filled with snow and ice. It’s said that their ice storms are so prolific that the trees always appear to be encased in crystal. 

Home to a clever culture of humans who have adapted to the near-constant freezing conditions, the mortal population across the single inhabited planet is limited. Resources are carefully gathered and preserved during the short warm season and stored for winter use. The animals are another unique aspect to Ipopulca’s culture. The realm is home to woolly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers and dire-wolves, along with many other cold-weather dwellers.

The royals live in an ice palace and use their powerful Elemental magic to allow the castle to be heated and provide shelter from the frequent blizzards.



Mariandale is best known for a strange phenomenon that occurred hundreds of years ago called “The Breakdown.” No one knows for certain what happened, but the Time & Dimension Pillar of Power suffered a critical failure. The mortal and metaphysical dimensions merged and now humans and spirits, as well as creatures from heaven and hell, walk among each other.    

The deities of Mariandale have struggled to fix the dimensional corruption since it occurred. But no one, not even deities enlisted from other realms, have been able to resolve the problem. As a result, Mariandale is an eerie and frightening place for most of its residents.


Perenelle, a middle-aged realm, is best known for its rugged beauty across all three of its habitable planets. From highland mountains teeming with cold weather and snow to lowlands boasting stunning lakes and rich soil, the planet is as diverse as it is beautiful. 

The Perenellean humans have a mixture of cultures, some warriors, others peace-loving. They have mastered a moderate-level of technology, and live on only one of the habitable planets in Perenelle. 

The Perenellean royals live on the populated planet of Perenthall in the immortal realm. They spend much of their time working with their well-respected Science & Technology deities to cultivate better technology in the mortal realm. They believe that their humans will soon be able to travel throughout their solar systems, and they wish to have the planets prepared for them once they master this valuable skill.



The realm of Quindale is best known for its vast network of Seers. In addition to this, Quindale’s creator was the most powerful of the thirteen who have lived to date, though he has long since ascended. Because of this, it is home to a variety of sentient creatures. Fairies, unicorns, ogres, elves, and trolls live hand-in-hand with the humans who dwell here. Their powerful energy deities have found ways to make magic available to their mortal wards. They are the first and only realm to provide the use of magic to non-deities.

As a result, Quindale is a unique and mystical place, with four occupied planets and more developing each day. The royals have a palace on all four of the planets and occupy a different one depending on the season.


Sydonia has undergone a substantial transformation since the end of the war thanks to the tireless efforts of their Godly & Mortal Affairs deities. While this used to be a barren swampland in the mortal realm and a paradise in the immortal realm, much has been changed to create unity between the two dimensions.

Now home to beautiful, rugged mountains and crystal clear rivers, Sydonia is still a wild place. In particular in the mortal realm, where a primitive race of humans lives. The Sydonian royals dwell in a palace that is carved into the cliffside of the largest mountain in the realm.



Faryndale is a realm filled with stunning jungles. Best known for its powerful weather and fire deities, volcanoes abound, creating mountainous islands filled with lush vegetation. Faryndale is also the only realm to have a thriving population of dragons. With their near-constant summer weather and lush jungles, the conditions are perfect for these majestic creatures.

As for the humans, they are a very primitive culture. They are peaceful and worship the land and the dragons as their gods. They pay tribute for the many gifts that Faryndale offers its residents by cultivating gardens and slaughtering farm animals as offerings for the dragons.

The royal deities of Faryndale live on their only populated planet of Farynth in their largest city of Kiern. Kiern is unique because it is a city of tree houses, spanning more than 20 miles of stunning jungle. 



Thorendelle is one of only a handful of realms to have more than one sentient species occupying their only inhabited planet. The first are land-dwelling humans and the second are sea-dwelling merpeople. While other creators have tried to create a successful species of merpeople, Thorendelle is the only realm that has done so successfully. This is thanks to their widely celebrated sea deities, which are envied across the Twelve Realms.

Known best for its warm, vast, seas of crystal clear water, and hot, humid weather, Thorendelle maintains a strictly tropical climate throughout its world. The royal palace sits atop stilts on the electric blue-green seas and contains glass floors that overlook a vibrant coral reef.



Though one of the oldest realms in existence, Zyndale remains one of the most barren. This is particularly true for the mortal realm, where a warrior race of humans reigns supreme. Though Zyndale boasts 12 unique solar systems, only one planet is habitable.

Similar to Sydonia, Zyndale has undergone substantial change since the end of the war. But unlike Sydonia, it remains an unpopular place to migrate due to its particularly strict caste and immigration laws. As for the royal family, they live at the edge of the emerald hills of Zethra in a castle stronghold.