Releases: 2021

Jenna Torrence

Author: Loryn Moore

Jenna Torrence

My name is Jenna Torrence, and I hunt demons. No, I don’t belong to a secret society or an underground demon-hunting club. To be honest, I don’t know that such things even exist, but if they do…Let’s just say that I’m just not much of a joiner.

I prefer to rock my paranormal PI business solo. Well, except for my best friend Amy and our fabulously gay pal Roger.

We all have our strengths—mine is the ability to take a beating and keep coming back for more, which is truly impressive; Amy, on the other hand, is a badass witch; and Roger, well Roger is an Empath and a medium. It makes for awkward dinner conversation, but we like him just fine.

You may ask how one becomes a demon hunter, and I’d have to answer your question with one of my own: How does anyone become something as dangerous and stupid as a demon hunter?

I’ll tell you – Poor decisions and a willful disregard for personal safety.

I’d like to say it’s that simple, but the truth is it’s not. You see, I’m one of the few people on this twirly planet we call home who can see the nasty beasts.

So, if I didn’t step up, then who else would send their evil asses back to hell?


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