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Tamara Saadeh
Tamara SaadehFantasy Author
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Diary of a Deity is perhaps one of the best YA fantasy romances out there right now! Usually, I tend to stay off romances but this book made me reconsider my go-to reads in the future. Let me start off by saying that the voice in this book is one of the strongest I’ve read. Bekka is funny, smart, motivated, strong, and kind. I seriously couldn’t tell you enough about how a joy it was to be in her head. As her romance starts to bloom with Arrick, I found myself rooting for both of them to get together. Like seriously guys… just get together!! Arrick is not at all your typical love interest. He’s layered, strong, determined, soft-hearted and caring. It shows that he loves his realm and his people right from the get-go. His romance with Bekka is definitely a slow burn, which makes it even more satisfying as their bond starts to deepen as the story progresses. The world is very immersive. It’s very clear Loryn has thought of everything before going in and gave it her absolute best. The way the information is delivered is very straight forward and engaging, and the writing here plays a big part in making us understand what’s going on: Loryn’s writing style is lighthearted, it’s straight forward and it keeps you engaged throughout. There was no point in the story where I was confused or had to re-read anything. I’m a non-native speaker so that says a lot about the author’s way of delivering information. Everything was concise and clear. If you’re thinking about reading a light, fun, fantasy romance, Diary of Deity is for you!
Christy Oliver
Christy OliverFantasy Reader
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I absolutely loved this story. The characters were great and easy to relate to. You actually feel for them as you read. Bekkah is pretty funny and she engages you. The attack sequences are really intense and nail biting. I would recommend this book to anyone to read.