Coming Summer 2024

The Darkening

Author: Loryn Moore

How did this happen? 

Everything went so wrong on that final day in Bicaidian hell. Though I sacrificed my freedom to save Bekka and our allies, I couldn’t unshackle them from our enemies. Now, we’re trapped. Bekka and the others in Bicaidian prison, and me as Madwyn’s lapdog. 

I need to get free, and so do they. It’s been months, and Madwyn has conquered five of the Twelve Realms, thanks to me. The darkness inside me is growing. I can feel it every day I kill for her. And Bekka’s magic, a secret I’d die to keep, is a dormant beast inside me, begging to get out.

But, things are changing and the tide may finally turn in our favor. 

Ellarah is conscious and has started to remember what happened to her on Inauguration Night, Caden and Deklan’s dormant magic awakens, and Emorie is placed into a cell with Bekka. As Bekka and her friends forge new alliances, they begin to plot their escape. 

But when Madwyn threatens my family and forces Bekka and Remi to convince Valeria to negotiate a peace with her, it changes everything. They need to break free from their prison before there are no Realms left to save, because peace is the furthest thing from Madwyn’s mind.

With Madwyn’s leash around my neck, I won’t be able to help them, and without their magic or godly strength, they’re as likely to die fighting their way out as they are to succeed. 

The trouble is, I know my soulfused mate, and she’d rather die with free air in her lungs than spend the rest of her life in a cage.


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